Partner School Science Program
The Partner School Science Program (PSSP) is a year-long program connecting middle school students and their teachers in different parts of the world. PSSP has two geographic components: PSSP – U.S.A. and PSSP - Europe.
Future Explorers Program
Global Friendship Through Space Education is a California-based non profit organization founded in 2002. It is dedicated to promoting friendship among young people from different countries...
Digital Learning Center
Space Camp Turkey`s facility renovation and expansion in 2014 includes a new Digital Learning Center , equipped with a state-of-the-art videoconferencing system that will bring science...

" The Space Camp Turkey was the most exciting adventure in my life. I have learnt there lots of amazing facts about Space and I have met people from all over the world, from: Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, France and Turkey.I keep in touch with all the members of my team - The Moon Team. My favourite activity at Space Camp was rocket & balloon construction.
Videoconference Booking System
Partner School Science Program and Future Explorers Program teachers, please click on “Book Your VC” button down below to make your online reservations for your videoconferences.

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